November 2016 Release: New Lesson Builder, Slack Integration, and More

November’s been a busy month at Lessonly! As a result, we have several great product updates to share with you. We’ve redesigned our Lesson Builder, created two new content elements to use in Lessons, added code snippet formatting, and launched a Slack integration. Want to experience these great features? Take a free tour of Lessonly. New

Five Ways to Create Customer Loyalty

Five Ways to Create Customer Loyalty

It’s been a while since I approached the topic of customer loyalty. All of the tips, ideas, tactics, and techniques I write about are about driving a better customer service experience, which can (and hopefully will) lead to customer loyalty. The concept of repeat business, and ultimately customer loyalty is huge. A small increase in

We Want to Know: Hoosier Learning Software?

Hoosier Learning Software Blog

OK, jokes aside, our question still stands: Who’s your learning software? This year, Lessonly is joining all Hoosiers in celebrating Indiana’s upcoming Bicentennial. Our mission to help people do better work and live better lives extends around the world, but partnering with other Indiana businesses to make that impact in communities across our state has

Introducing Lessonly University

Here at Lessonly, it’s our mission, our true north, to help people do better work so they can lead better lives. We want every one of our customers to become Lessonly power users and lead their teams to achieving greater success through learning. Today, we are renewing that commitment by introducing Lessonly University. Lessonly University

I Know HTML: How To Make Lessons

I Know HTML: How To Make Lessons

“I don’t want to live in a world where someone else is making the world a better place than we are.” — Gavin Belson, CEO of Hooli For those of you who don’t know Gavin Belson, or haven’t had the pleasure of watching Silicon Valley while comparing it to your own SaaS company (yes, I

Get Started Today with The Training Plan Playbook

The Training Plan Playbook

Whether a company has five employees or 500, managers tasked with creating a training plan can feel the weight of responsibility and uncertainty. Anyone building a training plan needs to address topics, methods, and audience. To relieve some pressure placed on these training managers, Lessonly has produced The Training Plan Playbook. To track all the

A Welcome Lesson to the Night’s Watch

A Welcome Lesson to the Night’s Watch

My thoughts these days revolve around making people’s training content better. Naturally, my first thought was, “What would the training content look like for characters in Game of Thrones?” In this coming week, I’ll be introducing training use cases for various fictional companies and organizations. The list is as follows: Onboarding for the Night’s Watch

Science of Learning: Forget Me Not

Can you recall the four stages of learning? It’s OK if you don’t remember. Turns out, forgetting something is a great way to create stronger memories. Forgetting plays a critical role in the act of information retrieval (which is the final stage of learning, in case you did forget). It can occur hours or days