Lessonly’s You Art Awesome Cards

When I saw my first card on the desk, it felt like Christmas morning. After I had left work the day before, Karlie had handwritten—in bright pink ink—why she appreciated my work here at Lessonly. The positive vibes I felt from that completely unsolicited sentiment will stick with me for a long time—well after my

Anatomy of a Great Job Description

Anatomy of a Great Job Description

Attracting top talent in today’s competitive job market is no easy task. Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to simply write a compelling job description and hope for positive outcomes. To put your company’s best foot forward, applicants need to easily find your job listings via search and social, and the resulting listings need to sell your company

What We Learned From Our First Hackathon

The Lessonly Product team just hosted our very first hackathon. We learned a lot, so we wanted to share our top takeaways that can help you plan and execute an effective event at your company. 4 hackathon guidelines Give them space—The team needs to unplug from everyone else but each other for this day. No

The Fundamental Disconnect Between Employees and Their Trainers

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92% of the time, if a Lessonly-powered company assigns just one lesson each month, they see tremendous productivity results and they renew their Lessonly subscription. The remaining 8%—the non-renewers who do not create more than one new lesson each month—are a puzzle that I keep trying to solve. This week, I worked with one of