Why Off-the-Shelf Content Fails in Training


At a previous job, my employer rolled out a course on a learning management system. Tell me if this sounds familiar. A tale of training “Mandatory employee training” read the edict in my inbox. Every employee received it, it came from the sender companytraining@mycompany.com, and everyone had to complete the half-hour online course in exactly

The Intangible Benefits to Your ROI

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With any expenditure your business makes, you want to make sure that the money you lay out will reap real benefits for your department. When considering return on your investment, costs don’t just mean dollars in your budget. They also include some often hard-to-quantify factors like these. Increased productivity According to our recent client survey,

Customers Are People, Not Numbers

It sometimes frustrates me, and I’m sure it does you as well, when you call to get customer support and you hear that recording, “Your call is very important to us. Please hold for the next available agent.” And, then they make their customers hold for a length of time that would make most people

Lessons Learned from Managing a Customer Support Team


Managers of customer support teams find themselves with divided responsibilities. Of course, the customer support representatives underneath them need their experience and guidance to do their jobs. But even team managers still hold an allegiance to the customer. At Desk.com’s blog, Marie Rosecrans lays out five important lessons she learned as a support manager. Listen

The Power of the Customer Service Survey

The Customer Experience How important are customer surveys? Peter Drucker’s old saying comes to mind: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Those surveys can give you a lot of data that you can use to improve virtually any part of your organization. There are two important parts to a customer survey that we’re going

User-Generated Content Resonates with Employees

User-Generated Content Resonates with Employees

Whether inside or outside the corporate world, team managers often hesitate to invest time and energy in user-generated content. Often, no better solution can engage and encourage your employees. When assembling training or learning content, user-generated content offers many benefits leaders won’t find anywhere else. User-friendly To start, your team will often find user-generated content

Introducing New Content and People Pages

It’s a big day at Lessonly. We’re excited to roll out brand-new Content and People pages to make the Lessonly experience better for our Admins, Managers, and Creators. With this redesign, you can easily manage your Lessons and Courses from one page and your Learners from the other. Whether you have five Lessons and 50

Question Validation, Custom Favicons, and Better User Import

This week, we improved your lesson creation experience with some new updates to features including bulk user imports, multiple choice questions, and favicons. Bulk User Imports We’ve updated the bulk user import feature so that you can import hundreds of users at once. We’ve also improved their upload speed, so they’ll import much faster than before. Preview how