How Support Teams Can Integrate Better with Sales and Marketing

Even at the same company, small things can unknowingly pit the marketing, sales, and customer support teams against each other. Aligning everyone toward a singular goal often involves an unspoken and undocumented effort, but those moves can really improve customer service numbers. To this end, Help Scout provides some great tips for better integrating your

Dynamic Training Integrates More Data and More People

Dynamic Training Integrates More Data and More People

With ever-changing technology, we can shift employee development from a one-time event toward a more dynamic effort that provides consistent opportunities for growth. By using more data and more insights, your team’s training can offer real improvement. But what do we mean when we say more “dynamic training?” In this post, Chris Mason describes it

How Employee Misunderstandings Can Cost You

How Employee Misunderstandings Can Cost You

We can often forget processes and product knowledge on the job—it happens to the best of us. Someone finally tallied up all of those mistakes due to misunderstanding and miscommunication and calculated how much it’s costing our employers. We hope you’re sitting down; it’s a pretty big number. The study, published by Cogniso, reports that

Scott Dorsey Joins Board of Directors

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We’re delighted to share some exciting news. Here’s the media release we sent out. INDIANAPOLIS—Lessonly, the leader in learning automation software, announced today that Scott Dorsey has joined its board of directors. Dorsey is managing partner at High Alpha, a venture studio that conceives, launches and scales next-generation enterprise cloud companies. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO

Customers Value Excellent Customer Service

Customers Value Excellent Service

Consumer demands are changing in big ways. Websites and social media create a never-ending stream of reviews and customer interaction stories with companies all around the world. When studies show that 66% of consumers would spend more with a company they think provides better service, the importance of customer support stands at an all-time high.

What is Indigenous Content?

Each company establishes its own mission, values, culture, and singular way of doing business with its customers. (For example, one of our values here at Lessonly is “We critique in love.”) Along with institutional knowledge, unique approaches, and proprietary information, your company most likely uses job titles, acronyms, and perspectives only found in your organization.

Lessons, Redesigned and Redefined

Big changes are coming to Lessonly lessons, and a bunch of them rolled out today. The design is cleaner, and the content elements and whitelabeling options are more flexible. The result is an improved experience for learners and lesson creators alike. Here are a few highlights: The table of contents button is now a drop-down,

Company Settings Page Improvements

Updated Company Settings Page

Today, making your Lessonly account look and feel more like your company just became a whole lot easier. With a host of updates to our company settings page, Admins now have more control over how Lessonly works for your Learners. Here are some of the highlights. 1. Overall design improvement Our previous company settings page

What Defines A Modern Learning Experience?

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When it comes to learning experiences, moving to a digital format doesn’t always make it modern. The following nine elements, outlined by the Association for Talent Development, are staples of any truly modern learning experience. 1. Accessible: easy to find and available in the moment This speaks for itself. How easily can your learners access