Improved Lesson and Gradebook Reports

Lesson and Gradebook Export

We’ve already discussed how the Lesson Overview pages are great, but like my mom said, “there’s always room for improvement.” Lesson Overview pages now offer in-depth reports full of data for admins looking to gauge performance. For all lessons with questions, admins can now generate Excel files that feature a statistical overview of the

Science of Learning: Repeated Retrieval Yields Retention

Science of Retrieval

Occurring last in the learning process, retrieval of information proves the most crucial step. Without this key part, much of what we previously learn is quickly forgotten. Repeated retrieval of learned information not only strengthens information in our minds but builds the foundation for adapting to the world around us. Cue the Retrieval First, we

Science of Learning: Storage Wars

Science of Storage

Did you know most of what we understand about how we remember things comes from someone who had no memory? Fifty-five years of study on “HM,” a man whose hippocampus was removed to help fight his debilitating seizures, provided invaluable insight into how our brains digest memories and store them for later use. Ironic, isn’t

Science of Learning: Decoding the Encoding Process

Science of Encoding

Once something grabs our attention, our mind immediately begins the next step in learning: encoding. In a nutshell, your brain encodes by translating outside stimuli into thoughts and images. Lots of über-technical and scientific terms explain the brain’s chemistry throughout these upcoming stages of learning, but we’ll do our best to explain without losing everyone.

Are Google Docs Good for Training?

Frequently, our learning consultants talk to potential customers who run team training using Google Docs. Here’s why Lessonly offers a better solution for your employee training needs. Google Docs are meant for sharing Let’s start by saying that Google Docs provide a phenomenal way to share, collaborate, and reference within teams. Around the office, we

Science of Learning: Attention, Please

Science of Attention

In 2011, a University of Southern California study figured that each day we were bombarded with the amount of information equal to 174 newspapers. That’s a lot, and it’s only getting bigger. Our brains are getting good at filtering all of the data we don’t need, but more and more, research shows that our attention

How Do We Actually Learn Things?

Have you ever crammed the night before a test only to find your final score wasn’t so hot? We’ve been there, too. Turns out, a lot of the notions we have about studying and learning often don’t align with how our minds actually work. Here at Lessonly, our mission of helping people do better work

How to Avoid Destructive Criticism

A few years ago, I was working on a project in a programming language in which I had limited experience. I like a good challenge, so I jumped in. I was deep in the code and feeling a bit overwhelmed. As I finished up, I checked my gleaming code multiple times and sent it off

Bulk Assignments Made Easy

Starting today, Lessonly users can assign courses and lessons to individual people, groups, or a combination of both. Let’s see how it works: The assignment tab’s icon now creates a new text field that can find people and groups that need assigned. After one assignment, a new icon will appear to let you select another