Introducing Quick Edit for Easier Lesson Updates

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Your teams’ products, processes, and approaches are ever-evolving, which means your lessons need to be, too. Our latest upgrade means it’s easier than ever to keep your lessons fresh and up-to-date. Here’s what’s new: We added a quick-edit button to Lessonly Lessons. The button is visible to Lesson Owners, and it’s represented by the Edit

Can You Really Learn from PowerPoint?

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The late advertising executive David Ogilvy once quipped on the subject of PowerPoint, “Most people use PowerPoint like a drunk uses a lamppost; more for support than illumination.” As sobering as that quote may be, PowerPoint remains an industry standard that frequently falls short in employee development and training. PowerPoint has a time and place,

Culture Powers Successful Startups

For startups, growth is fueled in different ways. A good product buttressed by focused and effective marketing and sales is the most straightforward recipe for success. These are the key pillars needed by startups looking to establish a foothold and drive revenue. But there is another essential element that has to be part of the

Transition to Online Training with Tangible Results

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Many people view classroom-style training as the standard because it’s the way most of us learned growing up. However, in-person training doesn’t scale efficiently for dozens of employees, let alone hundreds. In reality, switching your employee learning online produces tangible cultural, tactical, and financial benefits. When done right, it’s an investment in rehumanizing your personal

The Cost of Creating eLearning

Cost of Creating Elearning

Chapman Alliance research tells us that companies can spend upward of $10,000 for the time to create just one usable hour of eLearning content. A learning automation system like Lessonly can drastically reduce this unit cost. Learning Software Can Prove Inefficient Constructing content in traditional learning software often proves an inefficient use of valuable time. Authoring tools

Archive Important Information within Lessonly

Archive and Restore within

Today, we redefine what it means to archive items in Lessonly. Lessons, courses, users, and groups can now be archived without being permanently deleted. Archived lesson and user information will be accessible for future reference and can be restored at any time. Out of sight, but not removed. Here’s a quick guide on how to

Typography and Lessonly

Lessonly’s goal is to maximize the ability of all learners to consume, retain, and retrieve information. This means the design of lessons — especially the typography — is key. We wrote this post to share the thought processes around the typographic decisions that are built into Lessonly. In the end, they not only offer high

Innovation in Indy

“Innovation means changing the world in positive ways.” – Scott Jones, inventor of voicemail Indy is innovating. Here, ideas come to life; they’re created, sculpted, bought, and sold — over and over again. We are so fortunate to be one of those companies growing, right here, in the heart of downtown. Join us, and be

Conducting a Learning Management System Comparison for Your Separate Factory Sites

Conducting a Learning Management System Comparison for Your Separate Factory Sites

In running a host of separate factory sites, consistency across all locations has to be one of the top priorities. However, this doesn’t just mean the product. Ideally, employees, management, working conditions, and many other factors are consistent no matter which door you are stepping into. As a first measure that can have surprising amounts