Lessonly API Update

We’ve just updated our API with a couple changes aimed at improving its lesson organization and reporting capabilities. Each of these updates came as a result of your much appreciated feedback, so please keep it coming. Individual Reporting and Assigning Individual lessons and entire courses can now be assigned to a single learner’s account through

Sales Training Software for Flash Sales

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, President’s Day, or just a day where you’re feeling generous, flash sales can revitalize a company’s income statement or take your sales numbers through the roof. Before the phones are ringing off the hook, the chat tabs are spread across two windows, and the shipping-label printer runs out of

Where to Start With Sales Enablement Software

Where to Start With Sales Enablement Software

Sales enablement seems to remain the elusive, and often mysterious elephant in the room lately. Everyone’s scrambling to do it, but we still can’t seem to come to an agreed upon definition for what sales enablement actually is. But hey, that’s why you’re here, right? We’ve put together a few tips for anyone looking to

Lesson Descriptions Are Here

Lesson Descriptions Are Here

When learning important information, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say, “Could you be a little more vague about this?” In an effort to give Lessonly learners more helpful information about their training, we’ve added lesson descriptions. Changes for today Adding Descriptions As an admin, manager, or creator, you can now add lesson descriptions

What to Look for in an Online Sales Training Software

Taking your sales team to the next level is a constant desire of many growing businesses. Whether it’s working on demo quality, conversion rates, closed opportunities, or even first-touch outreach. Whatever your topic of choice is, you should be able to delegate, create, distribute, update, and track your online sales training easily and effectively. Here

The Simplest SaaS New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Now that you’ve shown off your culture, perks, and workspace, applications are pouring into the inbox. After you’ve interviewed what feels like enough candidates to rival the Spartan army, you’ve assembled the perfect class. Every director had a draft with the best full-time hires, contractors, and interns and you’re ready to start onboarding. Now, what?

Content-Focused Sales Enablement Best Practices

As a company grows, sales and marketing drift further apart – I miss you, sales. While both teams are working hard, whether it’s writing emails or writing articles, everyone will have carpal tunnel by 50. Instead of working even harder to generate more leads, they can work smarter through content-focused sales enablement. Think funnel Both