Tracking with Training Tracking Software

Whether your company has relied on GoogleDocs, live presentations, an old-fashioned LMS, or just plain old integrity, your training might be more difficult to track or tracking may be non-existent. A common hesitation among training tracking software doubters is there is no need to track employee training with a small team or when managers trust

Knowing the Difference Between Onboarding and Ongoing Training

The two terms, onboarding and training, may seem interchangeable. They’re interchangeable like marketing and advertising are interchangeable — they’re not. Training takes up a big majority of the onboarding process. But it’s other things like formal introductions, job shadowing, tours, etc, that makes an employee feel well-acquainted within a company. To quote Maren Hogan’s piece

Overhauling Our Overview Pages

Big changes have arrived to the overview pages! We’ve taken a completely fresh approach to showing you what is most important to be able to see and do when looking at a lesson, course, user, or group overview page. The output is truly delightful. The biggest changes you’ll see are: New and Improved Design Keeping