Lessonly’s 2016-2017 Learning Trends Report

Lessonly’s 2016-2017 Learning Trends Report

Without the help of a DeLorean and flux capacitor, predicting the future can be tough. Instead, we consulted the content of 35 learning industry thought leaders to make the predictions in our 2016-2017 Learning Trends Report.

Sourcing and analyzing papers, tweets, blogs, and other posts from around the learning industry, the Trends Report answers one big question: What does the future of learning look like? Here’s a snippet from the report:

Growth in the learning industry continues to mirror the rapid pace of innovation across the business technology landscape. Specifically, these phenomena are increasingly shaping how progressive companies construct, implement, and use team learning systems.

An example of this “rapid-pace innovation?” The smartphone. The proliferation of this powerful and portable technology is almost single-handedly moving the learning industry toward a new future. Smartphones now serve as capable platforms for many learning uses, several of which are highlighted in the report’s other trends:

  1. Will virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence find a learning audience?
  2. Can gamification find a permanent foothold in learning?
  3. How will democratized, social, and peer-to-peer learning affect training?
  4. What will the modern learning management system look like?

Lessonly’s 2016-2017 Learning Trends Report provides a meta breakdown of the larger conversations within the industry this year. Using this wealth of information, we can make predictions about where learning is headed, even in a time of such rapid innovation. From the report:

By this time next year, our mobile devices could provide the base for augmented, virtual, social, and gamified learning experiences, powered and connected by learning systems that track and quantify every aspect of our information consumption.

Ready to see what the future of the learning industry looks like? Download Lessonly’s 2016-2017 Learning Trends Report today.

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