Life without an LMS Platform

Take a journey with me. To a world without learning management systems. The words “learning management system” may initially come across as replaceable, irrelevant, or unnecessary. But you will see along the way how necessary a learning management system truly is to the success of a business. Forgetfulness Whether communicating, updating, or training through regular

Performance Evaluations As Told By Puppies

Performance evaluation time is here. Woohoo! This is your time as a manager to invest into your employees. Let them know how awesome you think that they are. The proper word choice helps employees see their potential, push themselves to grow, and meet their goals. Effective work choice is what will motivate your employees. Don’t

Where to Put Your Customer Service Quotes

customer service fortune cookie

Kate Zabriskie said, “The customer’s perception is your reality.” Customers have far more power than companies seem to think. Customer service allows customers to actively interact with employees. A product gives the customer a tangible experience, but engaging with an employee is personal. Everything relating to your business is a representation of your business which

Are You Using or Considering the Best Learning Management System?

Considering getting a Learning Management System? Or maybe you are sick of your outdated traditional LMS. Whatever your reason, it is important to research the different types of LMS vendors you are looking for. Conducting a learning management system comparison can take some time, but worry not. We’ve developed a list of some of the