Getting Excited for a Corporate LMS

The corporate world is a desired destination for some and a feared reality for others. Either way, both parties might find it difficult to get excited about a corporate LMS. The first question would be along the lines of “What is an LMS?” After learning the definition of a learning management system, your learners might

The First Fund

Here at Lessonly, we love our jobs. We put in hard working hours to continually grow but have a smile on our face the whole time we do it. Why, you ask? We want to create easy-to-use learning software in order to create more productive teams. The motivation that drives us to develop the best product

The Most Effective Training Plan Template

Plenty of schools of thought exist when creating or revising a training plan template. We gathered aggregate data on how our clients were using Lessonly and created the perfect training plan template for you to take back to your company to get your team running smoothly in the fast lane. Segmentation The first step in

What is the Learning Management System Definition?

redefining learning management systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a system comprised of a holistic software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational materials. LMSs help get teams up to speed by combining technology and learning in one software package where employees thrive and learn. These programs help the delivery and tracking of