Peer Reviews without Peer Pressure

Over half of managers said that performance reviews are not an effective use of time. The managers who are saying this are not reaching the full effectiveness of their reviews. One major reason for this is that managers may be trying to review an employee they have not observed frequently in the workplace. When appraisal

Why Companies Shift to Online Training Software

As screens sizes grow and our attention spans shrink, the need for training isn’t going anywhere. But, it’s becoming harder to pull people away from their desks and into a classroom to give them an update on a product, industry, policy, or process. So, how do we combat the shrinking attention span, the overflowing to-do

Architecture of the ADDIE Model

addie model instructional design

  Evaluating a training plan is like building a house. Both take planning. They have a specific process to follow. Most importantly, in the end, both welcome people home. The ADDIE Model is a step-by-step design method framework evaluating the process and the results of training and educational materials. The ADDIE model takes its name

How Your Employees Hit The Big Shot

training with a customizable new employee training plan

Just ten miles away from our office is the historic Hinkle Fieldhouse, home of the Butler Bulldogs #GoDawgs. One of the greatest sports movies of all time was played on this court on the cold night of March 20th, 1954. Hoosiers (if you have not seen it yet, watch it right this instant) is about the

Announcing the Everyone Smart Group

In the past, if you wanted to assign to every person in your account at the same time, it was on you to ensure that you had an All or Everyone group. Today, we’ve made your life simpler by launching our first Smart Group. It’s called Everyone, and it is constantly up to date with

Changing the Learning Management System Definition

learning management system definition

Today, learning management systems get teams up to speed by combining technology and learning in one software package where employees thrive and learn. Learning management system software or LMS software, is a holistic approach crafted with creation, delivery, and tracking capabilities for instructional technology-based training. LMS software allows for the building, administration, documentation, tracking, reporting,

Happy Customer Service Week 2015!

customer service week ideas

Calling all heroes, we made it another year! We’re back for Customer Service Week 2015. This year’s Customer Service Week theme is “Everyday Heroes.” At Lessonly, serving customers is our top priority, and you likely feel the same way. While we’re passionate about helping our own customers, we’re also passionate about helping you help yours.