Effective Employee Performance Evaluation Phrases

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Trying to give an effective employee performance evaluation but speaking in Minionese? Yes, Minionese is a language. It is how Disney’s Minions communicate.  The Minion Movie was a success in theaters this summer for kids.  The McDonald’s Happy Meal Minion toys, however, were not a big hit for parents. Some parents insisted that they heard

Why We Don’t Support Audio

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Sometimes, we get questions about why we don’t support audio voiceovers for lessons. It’s a good question, other companies do and you can find a lot of courses online with audio. There are three main reasons why our clients prefer text over audio: Updating Audio is harder to keep up-to-date than text. It’s easier to

Keeping Joy Around in Performance Reviews

Have you seen the Pixar movie “Inside Out?” If you haven’t — which you are really missing out — let me summarize it for you (maybe spoilers?). Riley is an 11-year-old whose world turns upside down when she is forced to move across the country with her family. Throughout the movie, you see how her

What is Training and Development?

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Professional growth opportunities are one of the top non-financial motivators for employees. Employees have a desire to learn. Training and development are both processes of growing employees. Both training and development are critical for employees and although the two are often grouped together, they not the same thing. What is the difference between training and development?