From “Dealing With” to “Resolving,” A Shift in Customer Service

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When you think customer service, you often think dealing with customer complaints. *shudders* The phrase “dealing with” makes me think of the stray, rabid dog by the mailbox that you’re going to have to distract with a tennis ball while running to your delivery, the fire-breathing dragon that your great^(40) grandfather slew to save the

Spice Up Your Training Schedule Template

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The majority of training programs focus on the fundamentals of job skills, software systems, and company regulation. Those essentials are all important, but training is not limited to the inside of company walls. A great training program goes beyond the capacity of the company walls. Spice up your training schedule by getting outside the company.

New Feature: Per-Lesson Passing Scores

4 Things That Matter When Grading Sales

The global retake score has been around for awhile. But it felt like a pillow that needed a good karate chop, so we decided to fluff it up with our latest release. Say you require learners to get an eighty percent in order to pass Salesforce 101, but you require a perfect score for Information Security

The Value of a Learner’s Laugh

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Think back to the most influential educator you have had in your life. If you are anything like me, you remember laughing in that class or even outside of that class with said person. Of all the influential and funny professors I’ve had, I remember one in college who always told us a brief, relevant

Bulk Assignments

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If you’ve ever spent an hour updating due dates on lessons for 50 users individually, you understand how tedious a process updating due dates, unassigning, or reassigning training content could be back in the old days. With bulk assignment actions, you no longer have to update individual lessons or courses individually, you can conquer these tasks

How Elearning Could’ve Roped Me in

When I was younger, my dad would always try to teach me and my sister how to tie knots when we were moving. We didn’t have a moving company and we weren’t nomads; these lessons were few and far between. Along with the sparse frequency, the lessons were always very quick. “Take this end, loop