Updated API

In late May, we introduced the first version of our API. Its primary function to create users and update information was a great start. Now, we’ve expanded on that and added automation for a couple of additional processes. Using our API, you can now get reporting data as well as assign lessons to users. Reporting

Customer Service Interview Questions

The importance of recruiting the right people for the job, especially in customer service, is nearly ineffable. You have to find the right attitude, the right culture fit, the right work ethic, and even the right voice. Also, customer service has such a high turnover rate that finding and retaining the right employees can save

Gradable Free Response

Free response questions were great. You could look over the responses and some would make you smile and nod like a proud father. “Good job, son.” But others might have left you reading it a few times before calling someone else in to see if they could decipher what it meant. With a gradable free

Survey Questions

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Have you ever wanted to ask a question in a lesson that may not have a right answer? It’s like those test questions that make you choose “the most correct answer.” All of them may be correct, but some are “more correct” than others. With a survey question, you can tell what answer the majority

5 Questions Onboarding Should Answer To Accelerate Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the secret to company success. Why? Because when employees care about your company and goals, you’ll all have more success. Employees care more about their jobs and customers, which will drive your company’s value up. A Hewitt study showed that companies with 60-70 percent engaged employees had an average total shareholder’s return

Building a Customer Loyalty Definition

We hear words like customer loyalty thrown around all the time without really knowing what they mean. Consulting multiple sources, we thought we would create our own definition of customer loyalty. If you have your own definition or a better one, let us know! We’d love to keep this definition continuously growing into something better.

Integrating Documents into Lessons

If you have a lot of training documents when you joined Lessonly, you might not want to start fresh. Transcribing documents into lessons can be a pain, and sometimes the formatting of the original document is perfect. Good news, everyone, you can upload your documents into lessons to share with the rest of your team.