The Importance of a Customer Service Policy

Today, we hear a lot about empowering customer service representatives, and while we agree, we cannot overlook the importance of a customer service policy. If your employees are completely empowered, you may not think that your company needs this kind of policy. It’s important to remember that, although your representatives are in complete control, you

Look for Potential in Employee Development

Finding an employee to promote is a challenging task.  There are many different factors that need to be considered.  Here are questions you can ask yourself to help you determine which candidate is suitable for extensive employee development. How Does the Individual Handle Obstacles within the Workplace? Obstacles within the workplace are sure to occur and

Introducing our API

As Lessonly has grown, the desire to connect our application with other tools and systems used by our customers has grown in importance. Seeing the need, we have developed the first version of our API to solve this need. The first piece of the API puzzle we’ve attacked is user management. We’ve heard from many

Top 8 Reasons eRetail is Failing

The world of technology has changed many things, especially in the retail world.  eRetail could be a lot better, but what components will make a customer’s shopping experience better? Here are eight reasons eRetail is failing and customers are not satisfied with their eRetail experience. 8. No Reasonable Investment A lot of people believe they can

Get Onboard with Empathy

The first day of high school is an interesting mix of anxious excitement and nervous self-consciousness. Perhaps you were already popular and didn’t have to go through the awkward “get to know everyone and learn where to sit in the cafeteria“ phase–I did though! So, what got me through the early days of high school?

3 Benefits of Hiring Remote Employees

Many people have a negative feeling about remote employees.  As it’s not easy to fly off and check on them, a lot of business owners are cautious about hiring remote working because they fear their projects will be delayed due to lazy workers.  The good news is not all remote employees are lazy and have

5 Tips to Ease and Reduce Employee Onboarding Time

Employee onboarding time can be a real drag.  You want your employees to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.  Improved employee onboarding time has many benefits, such as: The reduction of costs that pertain to learning the job Save time training new employees Reduce turnover while increasing morale Here are five ways

Cross-Train to Build a Flat Culture

The notion of cross-training is often used in reference to training different elements of the human body in different ways. It pushes the body to the limits in non traditional ways, often going from jogging to lifting and extreme aerobics without any sort of break. By training this way, it strengthens the body and improves