Single Sign-on (SSO)

Remembering all of the logins you use to manage your day-to-day work life can be a major pain. In case you were unaware, Lessonly has taken steps to reduce the number of logins you need with a few different single sign-on (SSO) options for you to take advantage of: 1. SAML 2.0: SAML SSO allows users

Bring Spring Training to the Office

If you’ve been watching baseball spring training, then you understand the importance of working out all the kinks in preparation for the season ahead.  To keep the skills of your employees sharp, shake of the snow and bring them out of hibernation by introducing spring training to the office.  Motivate your employees, establish a culture

Present the Big Picture During Onboarding

Onboarding is the term used to describe the organizational structure that each company uses to bring new hires into the company fold. This term describes the manner with which companies will help new employees acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and even behaviors needed to succeed as an effective team member. However, all too often the

Bad Customer Service Isn’t Cheap

There is an undeniable link between a customer’s brand loyalty and the level of customer service being delivered. Although this link is extremely difficult to quantify, there are clear business gains from providing a superior customer experience. Simply put, bad customer service isn’t cheap. Continue reading to learn more about the hard-to-track, but gargantuan cost

3 Ways to Train Your Clients Better

When clients begin working with a new product, it is easy to become mired in the details.  Often the learning process is overcomplicated but with the right methods, you can make things crystal clear to your clients.  Soon they will use your product with ease and confidence. Between giving your clients the essential training tools to make

How to Better Your Performance Review

Most employees hate getting an annual performance review at work. It is an overly formal process, often far too structured and it usually consists of constructive criticism instead of praise. Yet performance reviews, and their larger friend the performance appraisal, do not have to be such nightmares. Re-think how you conduct your performance review and you’ll likely

Benefits of eCommerce, Even for Big Business

Amazon is the first company most think of when thinking of eCommerce. It established itself in the marketplace early, and continues to succeed despite large brick and mortar companies, like Walmart and Target, entering into its space. With a multitude of benefits, retailers are not satisfied just having an online presence anymore, they’re looking for growth.

Organize Lessons and Courses with Tags

Last month, lesson organization made it to the top of our feature-request list. Today, with the introduction of Tags, I am happy to say that your biggest problem is solved. Now, admins can create and manage tags via the Tag tab within the cog icon. Which will take them here: From there, you can dive into

Basic Performance Review Phrases Examples

performance review phrases examples j lo

I hope you didn’t click on this blog because you were thinking about Starbucks or Ugg boots, this blog is instead a great place to start if you have decided to conduct your performance evaluations with performance review phrases. Below, you will find performance review phrases examples and why to use them: Communication Communication is