Trust Us, You Need an Employee Training Plan Template

You probably already trust us, but if you didn’t yet, hopefully just saying “Trust us,” changes your mind. An employee training plan template may seem intimidating at first, but you need one. If you have any desire to keep your training consistent, efficient, and easy, spend some time creating an employee training plan template. It

3 Tips for Executive Onboarding

Training policies and procedures are typically simple and straightforward enough when you’re working with onboarding new entry or mid-level employees. However, when you’re bringing experienced executives into the game, things can be a bit more complicated and training procedures aren’t always so clear-cut. Here are a few helpful tips for successful training of an executive. Get

Instructional Design: Adapting Your Lesson to Different Learning Styles

No matter what kind of lesson you’re working on developing, the fact remains that you’re likely to have “students” with vastly different backgrounds and ways of learning. As such, you face the challenge of coming up with an instructional design that’s suitable for all types of learners. Generally, the three main learning styles you’re likely

3 Ways To Use Courses In Lessonly

Earlier this week we announced the release of our enhanced courses functionality. With it, the possibilities of what you can do inside Lessonly has grown exponentially. Here are three ideas for using the courses functionality that you may not have thought about before: 1. Meet the team This may not fall in the traditional training world

Why Customer Service for e-Retail is More Important Than Ever

In today’s e-Commerce and e-Retail landscape, it’s a totally different dynamic when it comes to customer service. Since e-Retailers do not have the ability to interact face-to-face with customers, it’s vital to have an extremely easy sales process and sufficient customer service across multiple touchpoints such as: Phone customer service Chat customer service Social media