Making Sure Your New Employees Excel Right Away

Finding the right employee for your company is a time-consuming and expensive venture. You must find the right person with the right level of talent, make sure they fit within your organizational culture, and ensure they have the best skill set to perform the functions of the job. The Center for American Progress suggests training

Genius Knowledge Management Tools That Are Einstein-Approved

Organizations are filled with talent-rich and intelligent people, and an organization’s knowledge management tools ought to follow suit. The intelligent people that make up quality organizations need equally capable knowledge management tools that would make Einstein proud. Einstein, after all, famously opined that imagination is more important than knowledge. Boil that statement down, and you

Customer Service in the New Age of eCommerce

As more of the retail shopping experience shifts to the internet, it’s critical to keep digital customer service at the forefront. You’re in a store shopping for computers.  You’re not as knowledgeable about the product as you would like so you ask a salesperson for help.  After discussing needs and comparing features of various computers, you

Use Lessonly Inside Salesforce

Today, we’re sharing a quick tip showing you how to easily take your Lessonly account and embed it into Salesforce as a tab. Thousands of companies are using Salesforce as their CRM of choice, and minimizing the number of applications a person has to go to by having these apps appear inside Salesforce is a common

Keeping Your Remote Employees Engaged: Tips and Advice

Today, nearly 4.7 million Americans work remotely. That’s a 159% increase between 2005 and now–and the trend doesn’t show any signs of changing. While the prospect of working from home is appealing to many employees, the fact remains that keeping workers engaged and involved with the company while they’re telecommuting isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there

Consistent Customer Service 101

Delivering excellent customer service isn’t about just getting it right some of the time; today’s consumers have grown impatient with “average” customer service. One of the keys to providing your clients with the best possible experience is to keep your service consistent. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Read on to explore a