Training Needs Outside of HR

Some of our most inspired moments come when we get to help unlock human potential in parts of organizations that are typically neglected from traditional training departments. We see three key areas where businesses need better training resources, but have a difficult time getting them naturally: Customer Experience, Sales Enablement, and Client Education. Our CEO

Training Software Buyer’s Guide

The buying process for any piece of software can be complex, employee training software is no exception. We’ve put together a simple guide to help people looking into training software with their purchase decision. In general, we see the process going something like this: Training software buying process Define what training success looks like Understand

ZenDesk + Lessonly, a match made in CustServ heaven

Providing excellent customer service is critical to business. In fact, some would say it is the most critical skill within a business’ repertoire to display. Because of this, ZenDesk has been able to create a thriving business helping companies improve their customer support output with ease. We’ve found that many companies using ZenDesk also find

Onboarding in Bulk > One by One

Onboarding can be extremely challenging and time-consuming without the right tools. Even with the right tools though, there are many efficiencies to be had. Forbes contributor George Bradt and I recently had a conversation about such efficiencies, including those gained by onboarding new hires in groups, rather than one by one: Less repetition Speaking to

Happy Holidays! + Cookbook

This has been a great year, spent with great people; thanks for your part in that. As the clock turns to December, we all turn to our families (and their recipes) for rest and relaxation. For a bit of fun, we asked our teammates to share their favorite holiday eats and drinks, from appetizers to

7 Reasons Why Self-Evaluations Are The Secret Ingredient to Success

Employee performance reviews open up constructive communication between supervisors and employees. The traditional evaluations create one-way conversations. Letting your employees perform a self-evaluation and grade themselves on the same criteria you are discussing with them creates a two-way conversation to success. 7 Reasons why self-evaluations are the secret ingredient to success: Gain Insight Employee self-evaluations

Retail Sales Training Tips

Retail sales are often generated as a result of positive interactions between sales staff members and customers. A genuine and helpful discussion with a customer can make all the difference. Below, we outline 5 selling techniques for retail sales associates. Establishing Contact Retail sales staff should be encouraged to greet customers in a prompt manner.

8 Tips for Onboarding Seasonal Staff

Black Friday is more than a mere day, it represents the beginning of the season that can quite literally make or break a retailer’s sales for the year. Additionally, for warehouses tasked with filling retail shelves in advance of the holiday, gearing up your workforce to accommodate this increased demand is critical to making sure that