Two New Daily Digest Email Enhancements

We’ve got a double dosage of daily digest email enhancements hitting your Lessonly account today! They are: 1. Link to report card You can now go straight to a user’s report card from the daily digest email you receive every morning. Just click on the hyperlinked text that is in now in each completed lesson notification, and

7 Ways to Change Your Onboarding Process to be More Helpful to New Hires

Our friends over at BambooHR did some fantastic research about onboarding and developed an enlightening infographic. The above image is just a small snippet of their findings, to view the whole infographic, click here. From their findings, it’s obviously wise for companies to have a smooth onboarding process to welcome their new hires and help

Prepare your staff for Black Friday shoppers with Training Software

When you’re swaddled in warm-weather gear and lined up in the frosty predawn with Grandma Jeanne, Black Friday has a certain adventurous flair. When you have to face Black Friday as a retailer, however, it can feel more like the Inquisition, especially if your staff isn’t well-trained to receive the rushing onslaught. Don’t let this

How to Start Using a Training Plan Template

So you’re convinced that you need to start using a training plan template, but unsure how to start using one in your company. Getting started can seem like an overwhelming process. Just keep pushing. If you need inspiration, just watch Chris Farley’s motivational speaker sketch on SNL, that always motivates me. Organize After you’ve downloaded our

9 Surprising Employee Onboarding Statistics

Sales Enablement Starts with Your Onboarding

With an efficient onboarding training process in place for your team, your company can take on a new direction towards more productivity and a more profitable bottom line. Below are 9 surprising employee onboarding statistics about the benefits of adopting a productive new employee onboard training application. New employees who attended a well-structured onboarding orientation program, were