Happy Halloween! 13 Funny Pet Costumes

Happy Halloween! We typically focus on making you more productive and efficient at your job with our easy training software, but sometimes you just have to have a little fun… You see, we have many passions here at Lessonly including 1. celebrating holidays, 2. animated GIFs, and 3. pets. Combine all of those and you

How to Train Employees: A Mini-Guide for Managers

Should managers commit to employee training? Early this year, Forbes Magazine reported that spending on employee training increased 15% in 2013; the increase equated to a total spending sum of, “over $70 Billion in the US and over $130 Billion worldwide.” According to the same report, the trend is not new. Similar increases occurred in

What the world would be like if sales enablement didn’t exist

These days, there are many different definitions of “sales enablement” floating around out. In general, however, most people can agree that sales enablement refers to the materials and methods used to create a customized sales experience for both employee and customer. Sales enablement can include training tools, content management platforms, and anything in between. Essentially,

Work with Us

Lessonly is growing, and we would love for you to come along for the ride by joining our sales team. If you are smart, compassionate, and interested in taking a human approach to sales (i.e., we don’t sell; we ask questions, and we help where we can), send an email to sales@lessonly.com, and we will

What’s So Great about Performance Appraisal Phrases Anyway?

We can be honest, the phrase “performance appraisal phrases,” doesn’t sound super exciting. Once you understand the importance and the greatness behind them, however, our ears perk up every time. Performance appraisal phrases can change the atmosphere of your team and you will especially notice around performance review time. Whenever the end of the quarter starts to

Positive Performance Review Phrases to Foster Growth

What? You know, positive performance review phrases. A positive review contrasts a typical review, which often slips into negativity for combatting issues an employee might face. For example, instead of simply criticizing and employee’s output, you could offer support and help to get them to achieve a goal. A performance review can be an influential

The Importance of a Training Plan Template

When starting a training program for your team or company, a training plan template can expedite the process. Let’s take a look at how a training plan can save you time and keep your learning consistent: Time saved When you have a training plan, you no longer need to remember everything you wanted to cover