Custom Domains Are Here!

We’re excited to announce that you can now have your instance of Lessonly on your very own domain! Before, if you were signing up for Lessonly, your domain would look something like this: Now, you can have the option of having it look something like this: Or this: Really, you can have

The History Of Employee Onboarding Pt. 1

Anymore, employers are looking to hire candidates who have the demonstrated ability to hit the ground running when it comes to delivering on their new job responsibilities. As such, after parsing through untold numbers of resumes, conducting interviews, asking for follow-up interviews, and screening the pool of potential applicants with their hiring committee, the winning

Millennials Are a BDR Manager’s Best Friend

The great folks over at OpenView Venture Partners recently wrote a great post about how Millennials are changing the way we should look at training outbound sales reps. Keep reading here to see the highlights and our confirmations of the post, or read the original article here. Basically, Millennials are coming into the business world

The Importance of Employee Training

Employee training represents a critical aspect of management that tends to be neglected; however, training your employees gives you active control in shaping the future of your company while giving your staff the tools to shape their careers. Yet, many professionals delay or defer this crucial development activity, and as a result, pay a high

Best Practice Topics for Sales Enablement

At Lessonly, we see many of our clients using our software to create easy-to-consume sales enablement lessons that often times are used on mobile devices out in the field. The topics to cover within sales enablement are many, but here are a few categories of content we see people sharing with their sales staff. If

Top 5 Customer Service Tips

It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference in the success of a business. We find that some of those little things are the nuanced approaches customer service staff are required to deliver day in and day out. Here are a few customer service tips you can remind your team of to keep your customer

New and Improved User Creation Process

Groups has been a big hit among our client base because of their ease of use and ability to keep users organized for assigning and tracking purposes. However, getting users into groups hasn’t always been the easiest process. That changes today, with a couple big updates that make the adding and managing of users for

Do You Know the Top 10 Labor Violations?

Our friends over at Integrity HR have done a great job at documenting the top 10 labor violations investigated by their local Labor Cabinet in Kentucky. Although they are specific to Kentucky, I’ve got to assume that most states see a lot of the same violations. So, with that in mind, check out the top 10