Your Dashboard Just Got a Big Upgrade

Giving your learners an easy way to not only learn new topics, but re-educate themselves easily, is a big reason why people choose Lessonly. Today, we’ve made this re-education process even easier and more useful for learners with the launch of our new ‘My Dashboard’ page. Formerly known as the ‘My Assignments’ page, the new Dashboard

Getting Started with Employee Performance Evaluation Phrases

Performance evaluation phrases can completely change the environment of a performance review. When you evaluate your employees in the typical way of only telling them what they are doing wrong, they can get discouraged easily. However, when you use positive employee performance evaluation phrases, your employees will be inspired and motivated to conquer the next

Does Your Sales Team Know About Product Changes and Updates?

When your company updates or changes a product, your salespeople need to know about it. Otherwise, sales team productivity will fall as they struggle to answer questions and offer up-to-date facts about your merchandise. The problem is that American businesses provide less than four out of 10 representatives with new product sales training, according to the Association

101 Customer Service Quotes

We’ve put together 101 of the top customer service quotes on the web for your inspiration, enjoy! 1 Customer service is just a day in, day out ongoing, never ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate, type of activity. – Leon Gorman [Tweet this] 2 In the end, the customer doesn’t know, or care, if you are small

New Hire Welcome Packet Ideas

We all get nervous for the first day on the job. In order to help your new employees feel like the latter more often than the former, here are some ideas to help you put together an orientation packet for new hires. Before we get there though, what exactly is a new hire packet? It