Tribal Knowledge: Competitive Intelligence Training

The story My friend Matt started working at a publicly traded company a few weeks ago. During his first few weeks, Matt would hear about the company’s various competitors. According to Matt, the company’s space was bustling with new competition that just seemed to keep popping up. When Matt emailed around, asking if there was

Feature Update – Easy Search

Keeping track of your users and lessons just got a little easier, thanks to our newly added search and pagination capabilities. This will help Lessonly Administrators who are creating large amounts of lessons and users to easily find and keep track of them. Search Searching is a simple as going to the lessons (or people) overview

It’s Time to Train

A quote from an impressive software mind, Ben Horowitz: “Ironically, the biggest inhibitor to putting a training program in place is the perception that it will take too much time. Keep in mind, that there is no investment that you can make that will do more to improve productivity in your company. Therefore, being too busy