New Feature: Custom User Field

TL;DR We’re releasing custom fields to ensure better data integrity for our clients. In the U.S., we all have names, addresses, and phone numbers that identify us, but these elements can be too easily distorted, changed, or shared to serve as truly distinct markers of who we are. That’s why our government invented the social

Untapped Training Resources – Real Life Scenarios

Your company exists; therefore, it has a history; therefore, it has stories. These stories are perfect ammo for great lessons. Start by telling a story where somebody in your company did something amazing or something terrible. A story could be as simple as copying an email conversation and wrapping questions around it, or filming a

Mobile Training Solutions for the Future – A Look Ahead with Anthony Onesto

Mobile technology has made it possible for disruptions across many industries, training being one. Learn about a few interesting ideas Anthony Onesto has about training in the future as he discusses them with Lessonly’s Conner Burt in this conversation. Conner: Maybe shifting gears slightly – when we chatted, you talk a little bit about how

Untapped Training Resources – Interview Your Senior Employees

Every company has one of them. For some companies, it’s the 20-year-seasoned sales vet at your company who has seen and conquered every objection thrown at your company. For others, maybe its the back office support representative with years of experience and has ‘seen it all’ from your customers. Either way, there is likely someone at