11 Answers To: What Training Material Should I Create?

When you’re starting with a blank slate, creating training material for your employee onboarding program can be both exciting and daunting. Exciting because you know you’re taking the first step to a more efficient and effective training program for your employees, but daunting because creating training material can seem like a long and difficult task.

Introducing Lessonly University

Lessonly University exists to help you build better lessons, faster. It’s a constantly updating portal, featuring how-to materials, lesson templates, and inspiration. You can review any University lesson with just a click—no login info is needed. If you like a lesson and want it added to your account, just follow the Lesson Duplication Request link

Kyle Porter Part 3: Customer Satisfaction vs. Delightment

This is the third and final part of a three-part series featuring Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft. The following video is a clip of his conversation with Conner Burt, the Head of Relationships here at Lessonly. Watch the whole conversation here. Conner: You called Katie your super-special employee. Talk to us about customer service/customer satisfaction. Obviously something we’re

We Love You, Indy

Dear Indianapolis, We love and appreciate you. Here are just a few reasons why: TechPoint Mira Awards TechPoint is the catalyst for much of the fantastic growth we’ve seen in the Indy tech community. Their Mira Awards event is the top black-tie affair in the city, providing recognition for the hard work that’s achieved each

Holistic Performance Evaluation Phrases

When you think of holistic medicine, you may think of your neighbor that has a towering garden and constantly burning incense. Holistic by definition means treatment of the whole person including mental and social. By offering holistic performance evaluation phrases, your employees will be more active and more positive in their role. How? Here are

Client Highlight: LumenCache Redefines Home Lighting, Scales with Lessonly

LumenCache’s approach to home electrical systems is old school and new school—all at once. The old-school part comes from its adherence to direct-current power distribution, which was popularized by Thomas Edison prior to the rise of of alternating-current power distribution. It’s new-school in the fact that it allows entire homes to be wired for lighting

Oh crap… we’re hiring!

Training and education is often on the strategic plan of every small to medium business. (If it’s not, Ben Horowitz wrote a great piece a while back “Why Startups Should Train their People” that you should read). Typically, however, the rubber hits the road to execute a training plan when one of four things happens: