Need Inspiration for Your Next Lesson?

We don’t just build Lessonly; we use it, too. One of our internal Lessons is called “The Basics of Pipedrive,” and it helps our team log data appropriately in our CRM. If you need inspiration for your next Lesson, give “The Basics of Pipedrive” a look. Here’s a shared link to the Lesson.

Our App = Our Baby :)

When we post pictures of the app, we are essentially posting pictures of our baby, which is to say that we’re kind of like that one couple on Facebook with the newborn that JUST WON’T STOP SHARING. Apologies for that. But just look at it—isn’t it sweet?

Flowdock Chat

Our team uses Flowdock for group chatting and collaboration, and we absolutely love it. Kyle recently added a bot named Bort to the Flowdock fray. Bort does what we tell him to, and he does it well. Want to group chat with us? We’re hiring for sales positions! Now, @Bort, GIF me Christmas.