Embedly Integration

When Lessonly first launched, our lesson-authoring tool supported various image types, rich text, and YouTube videos. This worked well for awhile, but, as our client list has grown, so has the need for a wider array of video-embedding options. Enter Embedly, the make-everything-easier API. With our newest Embedly integration, you can grab videos from, well,

Happy Client: FlexPAC

From afar, it seems like Lessonly is really basic. After using it, I now realize just how much work it must have taken to make it seem basic. I hope you take that as a compliment, because that’s how I mean it. I’ve used plenty of software in my day, and this just works, without

Freedom by Limitation

The fewer choices we have, the happier we’ll be. At least, that’s what modern research suggests. It all seems contrary to the way we’re wired, but if it’s true, we have some big changes to make. From a software perspective, it means product managers and technologists need to do a better job building good decisions into their

The Lessonly Story

In July of 2012, I sat down with Kristian Andersen, Mike Fitzgerald, and Eric Tobias to work through the first Lessonly wireframes. That’s me in the picture, in the room where Lessonly was born. We started with a simple premise: If we can create affordable and easy-to-use software that helps our clients build, distribute, and