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Best Training Software

Images conjured up by the term “employee training” are generally not good ones; outdated training manuals and inefficient lesson materials are a few examples that come to mind. However, our internet-connected world has made this entire process easier by leaps and bounds. If you’re in the market to find the best training software for your business, you already know each option is going to have its pros and its cons. Looking to nail down the online learning system that is right for your needs takes more time up front, but the long-term benefits are almost too many to count. Whether this is your first foray into online training courses or your previous training management software wasn’t meeting expectations, now is the time to read up on all of your options.

When searching for the best online training software, the correct solution will become apparent once you know what your needs are. Do you need it to be accessible over the internet? Installed on your company’s server? Do you need tracking of training information? Are authoring tools something you have or need included? Knowing how your company will use or currently uses its training software is key in understanding the features you desire from a training software.

Learning Management Systems as Training Software

For example, remote employees are going to need a software that is accessible online and a variety of devices as well. For them, an online LMS, or learning management system, might be the best option. Smaller organizations with strong development capabilities could benefit from the freedom of an open source LMS that they can troubleshoot if needed. These are just a few of the use cases for a training management software and as you can see, it’s pretty diverse.

Picking the Right Training Management System

Distinctions between the types of software systems that function well for employee training are sometimes small, but make a big difference in features provided. Usability, functionality, pricing, and even attractiveness all matter when deciding on the right software system. In addition to this article, don’t make a decision without first checking out our online training software comparison.

Learning Management Systems

Traditionally, Lessonly would be described as an LMS, but a learning automation system fits better. Our software not only allows learners to complete lessons from the internet on devices that are familiar to them but gives admins the ability to see which members of the team have completed their training. In this light, Lessonly is closer to a full-service training management software servicing every step of the training process from creation, to assigning, to grading. Lessonly’s flexibility and learner-focus functions as a comprehensive online training system when integrated from beginning to end.

The Best Training Software for Students

The digital demands of the workplace require the educational system to adopt more E Learning software and learning management system software. A learning management system allows educators to personalize teaching, engage students with digital tools, and effectively measure their progress. We’ve seen the value of E Learning software and the power of a learning management system firsthand at Lessonly, so we’ve compiled a list of benefits for using learning management systems for schools. The best part? These same benefits apply to learners in businesses as well.

Learning management systems for schools offer personalized teaching

E Learning software makes it simple to tailor education to each student’s needs. Teaching to the level of every student in a traditional classroom setting is impossible, but with a learning management system, the teacher can customize content for each level, offering each student the challenges they need to grow. Research identifies seven different learning styles, and students can become easily frustrated when the instructor doesn’t teach in their preferred method of learning. With E Learning software, the instructor can develop lessons for each style, making learning a more enriching experience for the students. This same logic applies to businesses using a learning management system; trainers and enablers have the opportunity to deliver customized learning experiences to every employee, so they get exactly the training they need to succeed.

Measure each student’s E Learning results

Teachers can follow each student’s progress with a training tracker, enabling them to make more data-driven decisions about the learning management system. With a superior learning management system, all the data is in one place, making it easy for instructors to access completion times, test results, learning path statistics, completion reports, and much more. These tools enable teachers and corporate trainers alike to analyze each learner’s results and create a more effective learning experience each step of the way.

The learning management system frees teachers from paperwork

The best training software for teachers is one that relieves them from the arduous task of grading papers and fosters more meaningful learning for students. Thanks to a learning management system, the organization contributes to a healthier environment by reducing paper usage, while instructors focus on what matters most—cultivating a rich experience of learning for their students.

With E Learning software each student improves their digital literacy

One of the most essential life-long learning tools for today’s students is digital literacy. By 2020, 70% of all jobs will require significant digital literacy. A learning management system and e learning software can engage students with digital tools at an early age, preparing them for their future in the workforce, especially in STEM-related careers.

Learning management systems for schools provides key insights for parents

Many parents have a learning management system login that allows them to track the progress of their students. Parents can see their child’s attendance, grades, and more with the learning management system. A learning management system also creates a channel for the parent and teacher to easily communicate, increasing parent involvement, and attention to the student’s learning. And, research shows that parent involvement is the most accurate predictor of academic achievement for students—so an effective LMS is a win-win for everyone involved.

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Web-Based Training Courses

In today’s constantly connected world, a web-based training software is going to work for many organizations looking to implement a new training system. According to the web-based training definition, lesson material only has to be accessed through the internet to qualify. But what about tracking of lessons? A basic web-based training software might not give admins access to information that shows how employees are doing with their training. Tracking completion rates and scores is a core functionality of Lessonly that allows team leaders to assign training to new and existing employees and then see how they perform. Learners who pass their training with flying colors could be rewarded with a promotion (or more challenges) and those who lag behind can be identified for additional help to get them up to speed.

Online Elearning

In your search for employee training software, free elearning software is a term you’ve no doubt come across. Elearning has exploded in popularity over the past few years for its wealth of choices and, generally, good product. As new elearning companies filled the space, some features came included with one choice and were absent from another. When deciding on the best training software for your company, elearning software can work, but often doesn’t offer an entire suite of tools that other choices can. These elearning software systems often were geared toward the administrators as a tool to check boxes and say that training had been completed. We built Lessonly with a learner focus so admins still get all the tools to show their employee training has been completed, but learners enjoy the experience as well. This correlates with more learner engagement and better completion scores.

Open Source Training Software

As mentioned earlier, open source software systems are in the middle of a huge push lately. An open source learning management system or free online training courses are attractive options for some companies looking to save money on their training, but the downside to this tactic is the need for upkeep of the open source framework. Purchasing an established training software usually comes with the troubleshooting efforts of the company that produced it. With open source software, you are left to wait until someone decides to fix the bug that you ran into. Employee training is one area where it’s prudent to consider spending the money to avoid the headache.

Make Your Own Online Training Courses

One feature that sets the best training software options apart from the others is the ability to create online training specific to your employees, your business, and your culture. Employee training software can come pre-packaged and distributed to a group of people that weren’t thought of when it was created, but content is always more engaging when it is familiar to those reading it.

The best training software solutions offer these elearning authoring tools in an easy-to-use way while also providing the assigning and tracking features to follow up. This gives admins the ability to create their own online training documents and combine those into an entire training course.

A tool like this was nowhere near available years ago, but the rise of web-based employee training has made it a reality. We worked to ensure that Lessonly’s authoring tools were baked-in and easy enough to use that anyone could sit down and make a lesson with minimal knowledge beforehand. If you can compose an email, you can create a truly useful training lesson in Lessonly. Whenever we make lessons for internal use, we use GIFs, videos, and funny photos to keep the mood light even if the lesson is a serious one. Staying focused on the learner means they can always go back and read the lesson again for answers on their quiz, and we never force them to sit on a slide for a certain period of time to “make sure they learned it.”

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