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Best Customer Service

The main advantage of customer service is the creation of loyal customers who are more than happy to refer your business to family members, friends, and colleagues. A good customer service definition is the quality advice and assistance offered by a company to the customers buying or using their products and service.

According to HubSpot, about 90% of Americans consider customer service when determining whether to continue doing business with a business. About 90% of customers consider an immediate response important when it comes to posing a question to customer service. For the majority of customers, an immediate response is defined as taking 10 minutes or less time.

If you want to provide excellent customer service of this type, you need to strive to exceed the expectations of your customers. Take a close look at the collective experience of your customers when they pay a visit to your website or brick-and-mortar store. Based on this analysis, you can pinpoint areas for improvement. Read this article to learn more about how to provide the best customer service possible.

Companies with the Best Customer Service

If you’re not sure how to get started when improving your customer service, you should find a few good and bad customer service examples to serve as an example or a source of inspiration. In this section, you will learn about a few companies that are well-known for providing quality customer service.


If you constantly stay up-to-date on the most current memes, chances are, you know that Chick-fil-A is well-known for having good customer service. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) gave this limited-service restaurant a score of 86.0 in terms of quality of customer service.

According to the ACSI, Chick-fil-A also provides stellar customer service by offering a focused menu and top-notch service. Customers frequently laud the fast-food restaurant for their professionalism and courtesy. The employees of this restaurant are frequently referred to as the most polite within the industry category. Along with the delicious chicken sandwiches, good customer service is definitely the main claim to fame of Chick-fil-A.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a popular supermarket that is also frequently recognized for offering good customer service. This supermarket offers organic produce and quality private label staples, filling a major need in the market. As a result, Trader Joe’s has experienced significant growth in the past few years. The ACSI gave Trader Joe’s a score of 85.4 in terms of the quality of their customer service.

This supermarket is one of the top employers in the United States and it offers a selection of products and quality of service that you can get only from them. In the eyes of many customers, Trader Joe’s products are the standard for the industry as a whole.


Another exceptional customer service example is Aldi, which is another supermarket. ACSI gave Aldi a score of 85.0 in terms of the quality of their customer service. Trader Joe’s is actually the subsidiary of Aldi. Just like Trader Joe’s, Aldi appears to have a simple approach, focusing on providing quality products and connecting with consumers without all the bells and whistles. As for what customers say about Aldi, they frequently mention the low prices of the products and the atmosphere of the store. Even though the products have low prices, they are quality. Aldi supermarkets tend to be smaller and often tend to have the personal feel of a mom-and-pop store.

While Aldi is popular in the United States, it is even more popular and well-known for good customer service in the United Kingdom.


Amazon is an Internet retail giant that received a score of 84.8 from the ACSI for quality of customer service. According to the ACSI, Amazon has become the largest Internet retailer in the store by combining satisfaction, value, and delivery efficiency to its consumers. Customers laud Amazon for offering a substantial amount of variety. There is no need to visit multiple websites or brands online to find the product that they need.


Lexus certainly isn’t one of the bad customer service examples in retail. This company, which sells luxury vehicles, received a score of 84.6 from the ACSI. Toyota’s Lexus brand is viewed as a perennial leader among automakers and luxury brands globally. Customers love Lexus for its outstanding customer service and well-designed and extravagant vehicles. Lexus tends to receive the best customer service comments and reviews from customers among all the luxury vehicle brands.

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Legendary Customer Service Examples

If you read the news on a regular basis, chances are you read many stories about bad customer service. However, if you’re willing to look, you will also read new stories detailing examples of extraordinary customer service. In this section, read about a few examples of providing good customer service stories across different industries.

According to, a customer service representative saved the life of a man having a stroke. Kimberly Williams works at a Comcast cable call center in Mississippi, and she picked up a new call one day. The man on the other end was asking for some assistance after losing channels after an outage. According to Kimberly Williams, the caller, Dan Magennis continued to talk, but the words came out slurred and garbled. While Williams couldn’t understand what the man was saying, she understood that he was having a stroke and called for assistance immediately. This case is certainly one of these legendary customer service examples that have left many impressed. 

Another one of the providing excellent customer service examples is Sainsbury. Lily Robinson, who was three years old at the time, was confused about why one of the products of Sainsbury was called tiger bread. She believed that the bread looked like a giraffe instead of a tiger. With the help of her parents, Lily wrote a letter to the customer service department of Sainsbury. Chris King, the customer support manager, agreed with Lily and wrote a letter back to her explaining the origins of the name. However, he realized that the customer is indeed always right and changed the name of the bread to white giraffe bread. They also put signs around the product thanking Lily for the original idea.

Examples of good customer service in retail, examples of good customer service situations, and examples of good customer service skills are a great way to know what to strive for in terms of improving the customer service of your company. Even bad customer service examples call center can show you and your employees what not to do in certain situations. 

Deliver the Best Customer Service and Do Better Work with Lessonly

Overall, delivering the best customer service and doing better work doesn’t have to be an impossible task. As long as you create a game plan to improve the customer service of your company, you will be on the right track. Here are a few ways that your team can ensure that they’re delivering optimal customer service. 

  1. Create a Customer Service Philosophy — You should come up with a philosophy for customer service that you can instill within all of your service employees. This philosophy should be applicable to all situations. 
  2. Respond as quickly as possible — A huge part of providing good customer service is responding promptly. You should emphasize to your employees the importance of responding as quickly as possible. Potentially offer your employees incentives for consistently responding as fast as possible. 
  3. Know your customers — If you want to provide good customer service, it is important to know how your customers tick. Build rapport with your customers and use the information that you know about them to provide good service. 
  4. Get customer feedback/review comments — Getting customer feedback and reviewing comments is a great way to identify areas for improvement when it comes to your customer service. 
  5. Provide ongoing team training on products, processes, and skills — It is important that you equip your employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide good customer service. Therefore, team training on a regular basis is essential. 

Good review example for service, good customer service feedback examples, positive feedback for good customer service, and examples of good customer service stories should all be considered when coming up with a game plan. For more information about how to provide good customer service, don’t hesitate to contact us. Learn more or get a demo today.

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