Better Work starts with people

We’re humans first and llamas second.

We grow together.

We’re all in different roles, departments, and walks of life, but we’re one team. We support, challenge, and care about each other.

We learn from experts, community leaders, and each other, through workshops, company events, and daily conversations.

We live better lives

We’ve got generous benefits, in-house yoga, flexible schedules, and unlimited paid time off to create ways to be our best selves.

Most days we’re at our office, but you’ll also find us at coffee shops and kitchen tables around Indy and across the country.

From no meeting Wednesdays, to a library for silent work, and a cafe for collaboration, we craft spaces to do better work.

Bookworms, fantasy footballers, music lovers, gamers, and everything in between—our interests are broad and our passions run deep.

We’re part of something bigger

Do Better Work.

We’re on a mission to help people across the globe do better work. It’s more than a phrase. It’s how we treat each other and our customers.

Values that count.

From sharing before we’re ready, to having difficult conversations, our values shape us at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Make Indy brighter.

We want brighter futures for kids across Indianapolis. That’s why we encourage our team to take time off to volunteer with local non-profits.

Wanna join the pack?

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Why the llama?

What started as an inside joke sparked a story that’s still being written.

  • 2014
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • March

    We wondered aloud—“What if we had a mascot? What if it was a llama?” Some of us were skeptical. We won’t name names.

  • October

    Our friend Elyse drew a llama on a chalkboard at Lessonly’s office in historic Schoolhouse No. 9. No one erased it.

  • July

    Our teammate Mitch embodied the ideals of hunger, humility, and people smarts, and was named our first “Golden Llama.”

  • August

    Our teammate Jenny converted the chalkboard llama to a full-fledged character. And made llama t-shirts, coozies, and stickers.

  • October

    The Golden Llama was passed to our teammate Jacey, beginning a quarterly tradition that still stands today.

  • January

    We declared the llama our official mascot and named him Ollie.

  • March

    Our teammate Ben suggested sending Golden Llamas around the U.S., so other companies could recognize their teammates, too.

  • April

    The first international Golden Llama arrived in China.

  • December

    We shipped our 1000th Golden Llama.

  • August

    At our new headquarters, we designed an interactive wall to showcase our quarterly Golden Llamas.

  • October

    We awarded our friend and customer, Nat Brown, the Golden Llama of the Year Award at our conference, Yellowship.

Better Work is in the details.

We work from an old schoolhouse, and we kept the piano.
We work hard and play harder—especially when competition is involved.
Remote doesn’t mean removed. We connect with llamas around the country every day.
Every day is bring your dog day at Lessonly.